How It all started..…

I talk to humans everyday who have trouble knowing where to start when it comes to fitness, many are bored with their workout routines and others who just struggle to keep a routine. I felt a calling to create the holistic fitness almanac to serve as a guide to live a more holistic lifestyle. This almanac is the ultimate year long guide to help you live a more seasonal life.

What most people miss when starting a fitness routine is the variety needed based on the season of the year. Most programs do the same workout ideas no matter what time of year it is and this guide will help give you the tools to empower you to slow down when your body needs it and increase your intensity when the season is telling us to push a little more. 

Having a holistic approach to your fitness will not only help you if you're a newbie but also if you’re a fitness pro! This guide will challenge you no matter your level to look at health from a new lens. You can start to set up weekly check-in dates to see what needs to tweak each week. This guide won’t add more to do’s into your life, instead it will help empower you to take back the time you spend wondering what to do each month. 

This is why I’m super excited to announce the first ever fitness almanac. It will officially start January 2020 but if you purchase your fitness almanac before December 15th you will receive a 30% discount. If you want to start your year off in a new way this guide is the thing you’ve been waiting for to bring in a playful holistic energy back into your life all while making yourself a little more tuned in to what your body wants & needs. 


In each issue

  • Quarterly recap of what’s to come each of the 4 quarters

  • Quarterly & monthly fitness challenges

  • Vegetable or herb of the month

  • What foods are in season

  • New workouts each month based on the season we are in

  • New & Full Moon ritual ideas

  • Monthly calendars to give you dates you need to know

  • Divine body wisdom challenge

  • Ayurvedic challenge

  • Quarterly DIY recipes

Monthly themes

  • July 2019- Living in sync with summer

  • August 2019- Connecting back to you

  • September 2019- The nature outside & the nature inside

  • October 2019- Autumn Magic