Finding Your Fitness Passion

What makes a good workout? My answer will probably differ from your answer and that’s okay.  Each of us was built slightly different in both our bodies, backgrounds and abilities. To me a good workout is performing something that your body craves on that day.  As I’ve become more involved with yoga and meditation I’ve discovered a different side to myself. I can listen to my body a lot better now then in previous years. I can tell if I need a tougher workout, or if I should take a rest day.  I also have discovered what workouts really feel good in my body. Finding your fitness passion can be challenging at first. It might take a few months for you to discover what you enjoy doing. I truly believe everyone does have a fitness passion you just might not have discovered it yet.

Finding your fitness passion might also mean letting go of past beliefs about what workouts are and are not. Are you still thinking you can’t get a great workout in 30 minutes or less, or it has to be intense for it to “count”, or that you need to count every set and rep for it to “work”. 10 years ago I would have said no you have to workout for 60 minutes everyday and you need to sweat or it won’t count.

Now as I’ve gotten older and wiser I’ve learned the errors in my past beliefs. Start to examine your beliefs around fitness and working out to see where you might be hitting a mental roadblock.

Now to discover what type of workout ignites your passion you can take this quiz below to discover what types of workouts might light up your soul.

Quiz: Finding your fitness passion

  1. How long are you willing to workout for?

  2. Do you want to workout at a gym, at home, outside, or purchase passes to attend a certain amount of classes a month?

  3. Do you enjoy running? Inside or outside

  4. Do you enjoy biking? Inside (maybe try a spin class) or outside?

  5. What type of cardio interests you (see below examples)?

Lifting weights with a minimal break



Rowing machine

Biking outdoors

Spinning class

Stair-master and or Jacobs Ladder



Dance class- Zumba, hip-hop


6.  Do you enjoy weight lifting? If not why?

7. Do you enjoy yoga or pilates?

8. Do you like going to a studio that offers a variety of classes or a studio that specializes in one type of class (such as spinning, Orange Theory, yoga studio)?

9. What do you absolutely hate to do?

10. What is something that you enjoy doing and needs to be in your program?

After you have answered the above questions go through your answers.  It will give you an outline of what you already enjoy doing or it might spark your interests into something you might not have thought about trying.  

If you found the quiz to be lengthy but you know your dosha see below options based on your dosha according to Ayurveda practices.

Vata Dosha

The vata dosha tends to enjoy fast paced workouts, quick outdoor walks, Barre class, but when out of balance they need more grounding slower paced yoga, walks in nature with a friend, core and pelvis stabilization.

**Vata out of balance looks like anxiety, panic, scattered thoughts, unable to focus  

Pitta Dosha

The pitta dosha loves competition the more intensity the better. They love to lift heavy weights, push themselves to the max and compete with their friends, play competitive sports. Pittas thrive on a group fitness class where there is metrics to gauge how they are doing- think Orangetheory.

**Pitta when out of balance looks burnt out, exhausted, no energy as they are burning the candle at both ends. When this happens pittas could benefit from going to a restorative yoga class, or taking a walk outside without their phone.

Kapha Dosha

The kapha dosha is one that prefers to stay on the couch when out of balance if anything their first choice is a walk. The kapha dosha really benefits from signing up for any group fitness class and having accountability. Once the kapha dosha is moving and working out they are unstoppable typically have energy that can rival a pitta intensity once they start their workout. Any movement benefits the kapha dosha and it’s best to do first thing in the morning so they won’t skip it later in their day.