Holistic Fitness Almanac

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Welcome to the almanac

The fitness almanac was created to provide a fun, and holistic approach to health in an easy to follow monthly or quarterly fashion. 

Download your free July 2019 copy here

I felt called to create it as I think the fitness industry can seem one dimensional and intimidating especially to those who are new to working out or are bored with a traditional gym approach to health. I wanted to give a voice to the creative side of health, incorporating both mind and body ways to tune into yourself each month based on the season you are in. 

The outcomes you can expect from the fitness almanac is to finish the year with a consistent routine that will give you variety, accountability, and to help you connect more with yourself throughout the year. You will be stronger, more able to understand what your body needs not only on a daily basis but noticing the shift of energy with each new season. If you’ve been wanting a jumpstart on a holistic lifestyle this almanac will give you just that by the end of the year. 

I feel this book is needed to help you take the guess work out of not knowing where to start a fitness routine. So many times I hear from women  & men not knowing where to start or what to do to start living a healthier lifestyle. This almanac is geared to give you a routine and ideas of what to eat based on the season it will also help you reflect on where you want to be and questions to ask yourself to have a deeper connection with your own intuition. 

If you choose not to start the fitness almanac this year ask yourself where you want to be at the end of 2020 health wise and create a plan to make that happen. If you don’t know where to start this is the guidebook that will help you turn 2020 into your healthiest year yet. 

This almanac is for anyone wanting a holistic approach to their health. This almanac is for the person not knowing where to start when working on their health goals, it’s for the person who is bored with their current routine and want to incorporate a little more fun and introspective work into their health routine. Finally this guide is for anyone who enjoys working out and wants to add a deeper layer into their monthly fitness routine. 

This guide is not for someone wanting a custom workout routine built for them, this guide is not for someone who wants a ton of workouts each month, this guide is not for someone who doesn’t view health as an all around lifestyle.