Yoga for Mommas & Kiddos

How can you practice yoga with your kiddos? I was asked recently. My son loves to roll out his yoga mat next to mine when I practice yoga at home. I have found the regular youtube channels I will practice with are not his thing. I did however stumble across Cosmic Kids Yoga. He loves it, and on rainy days, or this winter I will be using that to help him get his wiggles out.

These are short usually 20 minutes or under and they tell a story and have you perform yoga poses with the story. I like to practice with him as he really loves it when we do stuff that he likes to do and me watching his favorite tv show with him, or practicing his yoga he really gets a big kick out of that.

There are also many books that have you practice a pose and you can read to your child. He also enjoys those stories, though he can’t quite make it through an entire book without getting a little side tracked.

Another way to practice yoga with your child is with a card game. I’ve given this as a gift to clients. They say it works best with kiddos 5 years and older. You spin the spinner and draw a card to perform a pose. Again making it fun for the entire family.

The last way you can practice yoga with your child is working with your breath. I tell Jalen to sigh it out when he gets too angry. Yoga is all about the breath and the more you can slow it down and connect inwards the more calming it is to the mind and body. He is learning how to calm himself down and will often tell me to sign it out with him if he feels he just needs to calm down. To me this is the most invaluable tool for him to learn. Knowing how to control his emotions and understand when he gets frustrated.